The Simplest Podcasting Plugin for WordPress

Simple Setup

Set up, publish and publicise your content with ease.

Multiple Shows

Run as many podcasts as you like from a single WordPress site.

Integrated Stats

Gather thorough & complete stats on your podcast listeners.

What is Seriously Simple Podcasting?

Seriously Simple Podcasting is a free and easy-to-use podcasting plugin for WordPress that is as powerful as it is simple. It uses a native WordPress interface and has minimal settings so as not to distract you from what you really need to do – publish your content.

It works with any theme and connects seamlessly with all podcasting services, including iTunes.

Podcasting has never been this easy.

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What are users saying?

Seriously Simple Podcasting has a perfect 5-star rating from all its users. This is what some of those happy users have to say:

I love plugins that are simple and just work. This is an excellent example of that. It has worked beautifully for our podcast.

I just started podcasting and this plugin does what I need. The way I want it. Also there’s great support by the author.

Seriously Simple Podcasting works perfectly for getting all the videos from WordSesh on iTunes.

This is by far the best podcasting plugin available for WordPress. Allows you to host your own podcasts without having to pay a third party vendor for podcast hosting. Very good technical support, I highly recommend this plugin.

Need some help editing and producing your show?

Seriously Simple Podcasting is now part of the PodcastMotor family. Get expert audio engineerings to help edit your podcast, and put your show on autopilot today.

We offer per-episode and monthly packages for audio editing, show note writing, transcription, and done-for-you publishing of your show.

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