Looking to get a little bit more out of Seriously Simple Podcasting?
Explore the growing library of add-ons below to see what additional power you can get out of your content. All add-ons are, and will always remain, completely free.

Media Player Style Kit

The Media Player Style Kit allows you to easily customise the colours of the WordPress media player without using any code. This is a stand-alone plugin that will work on its own, but it is built to function seamlessly alongside Seriously Simple Podcasting.

Seriously Simple Speakers

Does your podcast have a number of different speakers? Or maybe a different guest each week? Perhaps you have unique hosts for each episode? If any of those options describe your podcast then Seriously Simple Speakers is the add-on for you!

Seriously Simple Stats

Seriously Simple Stats offers integrated analytics for your podcast, giving you access to incredibly useful information about who is listening to your podcast and how they are accessing it.

Seriously Simple Transcripts

Seriously Simple Transcripts gives you a simple and automated way for you to add downloadable transcripts to your podcast episodes. It’s an easy way for you to provide episode transcripts to your listeners without taking up valuable space in your episode content.

Seriously Simple Genesis Support

The Genesis compatibility add-on for Seriously Simple Podcasting gives you full support for the Genesis theme framework. It adds support to the podcast post type for the features that Genesis requires. If you are using Genesis and Seriously Simple Podcasting together then this plugin will make your website look and work much more smoothly.

Podtrac Integration

Podtrac offers advanced stats tracking and other premium services for podcast publishers. This add-on will connect your podcast content with your Podtrac account.