Common Problems

Podcast media will not play anywhere

In some cases, your audio file will not play at all. This will either result in the audio player just doing nothing when click on the play button, or the browser giving you a 404 error when you click on the 'Download file' link. There are a couple of reasons that this could be happening, so read this guide to find out how to sort it out for your site.

Deciding where to host your media

With Seriously Simple Podcasting, you have the freedom to host your podcast media files anywhere you like, no matter whether you are using audio or video for your content. There are, however, some things to take into consideration when deciding where to host your content, and that decision will be different for everyone. So here are a few options that are available to you so you can make an informed decision and work out what the best platform is for you.

Gathering stats for your podcast

Every good podcast needs to be able to track stats about how the podcast is being accessed and just how many people are listening to it. Stats like that are crucial to knowing how your content is being received and how popular it is. If you would like to gather these stats then the perfect solution is the Seriously Simple Stats plugin.

iTunes can’t read your feed

When you submit your podcast RSS feed to iTunes, you may receive a rather ambiguous error along the lines of "Can’t read your feed." (or something similar). If that happens, don't despair - there are a few of reasons that this could happen, so and here are the main ones with some help on how to combat them.

The media player doesn’t look good

The media player used by Seriously Simple Podcasting is the media player that is built into WordPress itself and, as such, the styling of this media player is handled by WordPress along with your theme. All Seriously Simple Podcasting does is add the player to your episode content, but it does not have any effect on the styling or display. However, you can easily customise the audio player's appearance using the Media Player Style Kit plugin.

Podcast RSS feed contents

Your podcast RSS feed contains all the necessary data that is sent through to iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and any other podcasting services that you choose to use. This is all handled for you by Seriously Simple Podcasting and all the content for your feed is generated by your podcast settings and your episode data. If you would like to know more about where all the info in your feed comes from, however, then here is a rundown of each of the fields in the feed and where the content for each one comes from.